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About Us

The Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association (ALBA) offers classroom education and hands-on training to low-income individuals--many of whom have immigrated from Mexico or Latin America--who aspire to become independent small-scale, organic farmers or strive to enhance their farming knowledge and skills in order to improve their employment opportunities in the agricultural industry.

ALBA’s five-year Farmer Education and Enterprise Development (FEED) program aims to achieve the following:

  • Work with participants to develop the skills and resources necessary to launch a farm business and/or to advance ones career in the local agriculture;
  • Grow and support the next generation of small-scale, local, organic farmers and to expand the number of local, small-scale, organic farms.
  • Market the participants' produce in response to increasing demand for organic, small-scale, and locally produced vegetables and fruit (primarily, strawberries).

The Agriculture and Land Based Training Association (ALBA) is searching for a visionary leader and chief executive officer to manage its educational, farming, and produce distribution operations. Located in the bountiful Salinas Valley of Monterey County, California, ALBA is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help aspiring individuals improve their skills and livelihoods through the agricultural industry.  It fulfills this mission through the provision of training and technical assistance.  ALBA provides bi-lingual courses (English and Spanish) in agronomy; and offers hands-on farming experience at its farm incubator located near Salinas, California. 

ALBA’s programs and facilities are supported with grants from both the public and private sectors. ALBA Organics, a $3 million produce distribution business, is designed to help ALBA farmers access a variety of markets for the sale of their produce. 

The Position

The ideal candidate will possess strong leadership skills, and demonstrate effective management capacities to ensure proper oversight of farming, education, and product distribution activities.  In addition to fiscal and personnel management skills, he or she will demonstrate a track record of success in fundraising and a commitment to disadvantaged and marginalized populations. 

The Executive Director with visionary ideas will also possess a participative management style that advocates positive team values, well-developed interpersonal skills, the ability to get along with diverse populations, and strong conflict-resolution and problem-solving skills. 

Desired Skills & Experience

●      Bachelor degree or equivalent experience in finance, business, public administration, or related fields.

●      Demonstrated experience as an administrator.

●      Experience with the non-profit sector

●      Fiscal management experience.

●      An affinity for working with a culturally and politically diverse community.

●      Knowledge of commercial agriculture, organic farming, and fresh produce. 

●      Proficiency in English and Spanish is strongly preferred. 

Qualified candidates can submit a cover letter and résumé to  More information about ALBA and its programs may be obtained at

ALBA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.