LUpus Patients Understanding & Support (LUPUS)


United Kingdom

About Us

Mission Statement

Supporting those affected by SLE, lupus variant conditions and the antiphospholipid antibody syndrome (APS) by:

1. Promoting the dignity, well-being and autonomy of those affected by SLE.

2. The provision of free information for patients, families and other health professionals. This will enhance medical knowledge, decision making, empowering the individual and developing self-esteem. These principles are in accordance with the Department of Health's (2001) Expert Patient Programme.

3. Seeking improvements in the psychological support and treatment maintained by those qualified in the field including psychotherapists, counsellors or counselling psychologists. This service found be found at and

4. Providing effective, quality services, such as the development and implemention of a range of psychological support services, for those affected by SLE and to help support health professionals who work with those affected by SLE.

5. Researching into the unmet psychological needs of those affected by SLE in terms of its chronic status; researching into the different kinds of psychological support services, whether traditional or using the Internet as a medium; and developing an effective relationship with other health professionals to provide a necessary team of carers for those affected by SLE.

6. Raising public awareness about SLE and the importance of the provision of psychological services within the NHS.