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About Us

Courts for Kids mission is to foster love, compassion, service and an expanding worldview as we take teams to economically disadvantaged areas, partnering with local organizations and community members to build courts which will provide kids with the opportunity to play sports.

Courts for Kids was founded in 2007 and has built 34 courts all around the globe in places such as Africa, Central and South America, and Southeast Asia. During the 2013 year we will build 12 or more courts. We have two driving beliefs in that every child should be provided with the basic opportunity to have access to sports and every American should have a life-chaning immersion experience in the developing world. We combine these two passions by bringing teams to partner with communities around the globe to build multi-use athletic courts. These courts are used for basketball, volleyball and soccer, as well as providing communities with a surface for their celebrations and festivies. Courts have also been used an income generators and a place to dry crops as well.