Kyklou International

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About Us

Kýklou International (KI) is a growing consultancy and nonprofit investment group empowering grassroots organizations in the developing world to tackle complex problems through sustainable, market-based initiatives. Generating strategy, partnerships, and financing sources for holistic growth, Kýklou seeks to develop and invest in the systems and enterprises that promote communal flourishing. Currently, Kýklou has centered organizational energy in Ugandan agribusiness. Venture 1.0, KI’s first project is a best-practices pork production company KI has developed with St. Mary Kevin Orphanage and Primary School. An exciting time in the organization, KI is preparing for Step Two of operations – developing strategy for agribusiness empowerment throughout Uganda.

Above all else, KI is inspired by the Christian gospel. KI values the Good News that Jesus came to bring restoration and redemption to all of creation. It is under this banner of the Good News of true joy, real peace, and wholeness that KI operates. And as an agent of that holistic restoration, KI seeks to meet the full needs of individuals, embracing all as Jesus himself did and empowering the communities and individuals affecting such change.

With a dynamic and empowering board of directors, a deep donor base prepared and energized to support KI’s next venture, and a broad network of established and potential partnerships at high and grassroots levels in both Uganda and the US, KI is in a unique position to create invigorating opportunities for its staff.