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About Us

Muktangan, a nonprofit, founded in 2003 as the sole project of Paragon Charitable Trust, currently runs seven municipal schools, beginning at the preschool level, and a Teacher Education Centre. It trains local low-income, community members (mainly women) to implement its educational model within these mainstream schools. All the schools add a higher standard every year with its pilot school reaching standard X (final year Board Examination) in 2014. Its unique pedagogical philosophy, which is incorporated into both its school and teacher education programmes, is now ready for replication.

Muktangan researches and develops, through its community-based government schools, a pedagogical approach which operationalizes national policies. Its Resource Centre incorporates a Teacher Education Centre integrated into a School System, each strengthening the other, using a “Hub and Spokes” approach.

Muktangan is now consolidating and offering the larger teacher and school educational system their expertise, capacity and materials to support further educational development (both government and non-government).

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