Highland Park West Balcones Area Neighborhood Association

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About Us

The Highland Park West/Balcones Area Neighborhood Association (HPWBANA) is a Texas non-profit corporation dedicated to the preservation and improvement of the geographic area bordered on the north by 2222, on the south by 35th Street, on the west by Mt Bonnell Road, and on the east by MoPac and by Bull Creek Road between Hancock Road and 45th Street. MoPac runs through the eastern portion of this area for approximately two miles.

This neighborhood area contains about 1,750 residences. The HPWBANA has about 400 members representing about 250 residences.

HPWBANA was organized as an unincorporated association in the fall of 1996 and later incorporated in October 1997. It is a product of the long-term Highland Park West Homeowners Association and the then newly formed Balcones Area Neighborhood Group.

The perspective of the neighborhood was broadened in the mid 1990s as the sale of Camp Mabry was proposed by the General Land Office of Texas. The potential impact on the neighborhood by some of its very large institutional or governmental neighbors was recognized and the early leaders of HPWBANA elected to establish boundaries of the area to include all residential neighbors surrounding Camp Mabry as well and Bright Leaf Preserve.

The HPWBANA area includes within its boundaries: • Approximately 1,750 Residences • Highland Park Elementary School • Perry Park • Camp Mabry • Bright Leaf Nature Preserve • Over 150 Businesses