United Way of Northeast Georgia

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About Us

United Way of Northeast Georgia (UWNEGA) has been serving a thirteen-county region for over 50 years, investing more than $100 million into local nonprofits. UWNEGA has supported many organizations, meeting various needs for the most vulnerable individuals and families in the community. The organization has provided philanthropic links from local business to the nonprofit community through volunteerism and financial investment. The agency is based in Athens, which is considered the central county. It is a dynamic geographic area that highlights multiple centers of higher education, including the state’s flagship four-year university, high-quality healthcare, and dynamic arts and entertainment scenes combined with a stunning natural environment. At the same time, the needs are acute - and often diverse - from one county to the next. Those needs range from access to drug addiction treatment, mental health services, or affordable high-quality childcare, to workforce development and solutions that address significant pay gaps. While some challenges are common across the thirteen-county region served by this great organization, the diversity of needs in each community presents both challenges and opportunities.

In 2017 and 2018, United Way of Northeast Georgia engaged partners in the region to craft a five-year Community Impact Agenda that boldly charts a way forward, focusing on the most pressing needs of the region: education, workforce development, and healthcare access. The seven-staff-member agency and its partners face tremendous opportunity in aligning those focus areas across the thirteen counties, which share many common challenges, while also tailoring solutions to the unique needs - and resources - of each county.

As the needs of our community grow and evolve, we stand at the crossroads of identified problems and viable solutions. The agency empowers those with the means to invest back into the community in a way that will create the most positive impact in the region.