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About Us

"This organization has done really what nobody else thought could be done,

Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO President told The Nation Magazine, "and that’s recruit more than three million people without a union to be part of the labor movement.” If building the labor movement is important to you, there is no better time to build strength in numbers around workers’ rights and an economy that works for all communities.

Working America, community affiliate of the AFL-CIO, is a powerful force for working people. We combine the strength of 10 million union men and women and millions of workers without the benefit of a workplace union who share common challenges and goals to fight in communities, states and nationally for what really matters--good jobs, affordable health care, world-class education, secure retirements, real homeland security and more.

What We Do

Working America organizes crucial issue and electoral campaigns at the national, state and municipal level on behalf or working families. Our highly successful outreach models have fought off statewide attacks on collective bargaining in Ohio, raised the minimum wage in New Mexico and won a much needed earned sick day law for workers in Portland, OR (to name a few).

The impact of our work reaches all the way to the ballot box where in 2012 alone we took part in 97 elections, helping to win 70% of those races for candidates who will fight for working families. Working America's political power is generated by building grassroots strength and community action, one empowered worker at a time.

Working America uses professional research, communication, education, canvassing, lobbying and community organizing to demand that politicians address the priorities that matter most to working people--not just wealthy special interests. Make a difference for your community, for America and for your working family.

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