Esperanza's Children

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United States

About Us


To benefit hospitalized children and their families through specialized support geared towarsds each families needs, and by sharing laughter, love, and kindness.


We operate by having passionate volunteers donate their time to planning and hosting hospital visits for the children and their families. These visits vary from holiday-themed parties to fun everyday crafts. Our goal is to ensure that the kids do not feel like they are missing out on life while in the hospital and that the family takes some time to care for themselves in addition to the sick child.

Each hospital has a very unique culture. To support this and any existing volunteerism, we always provide customized visit programs that fit the needs of each hospital, follow its rules/regulations, and supplement the amazing things already taking place inside its walls.

While some hospitals have existing programs, we work to supplement their volunteer force and bring an added element of fun along the way. For the hospitals that do not have any existing programs, we bring a whole new world of hope and support to the children and their families. Our program offers a unique experience through:

  • Focusing on the child AND the family
  • Encouraging creativity and participation
  • Prioritizing the quality of our volunteers, not quantity
  • Fostering an atmosphere of "addiction" to the cause