Burera Volunteers for Development Association(BVDA)

About Us

BVDA (Burera's Volunteers for Development Association) is a non profit, non political and youth-led organization founded since 2005 by university, secondary students and teachers in Northern Province of Rwanda and it accounts more than 200 volunteers. The overall objective of this association is to improve the good living conditions of underprivileged communities in Northern Province of Rwanda.


  • To improve the living conditions and natural and human resources management in underprivileged communities in Northern Province of Rwanda.
  • To promote sustainable development initiatives, creativity and responsibility in the communities of northern province of Rwanda and abroad for their own living conditions through active participation of both BVDA volunteers and our targeted communities.
  • To promote intercultural understanding through participation of students from different countries in the development work.
  • To develop the capacities of our volunteers in problem solving, research, fieldwork and project management.