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About Us

The American Buddhist Sangha / Zen Do USA  is an educational, spiritual, and charitable, non-denominational non-profit IRS 501c3. American Buddhist Sangha Movement:
We exist to provide individuals with a process for living a happier life. We encourage one's personal, educational, artistic,
and social wellbeing/spiritual growth by focusing on their present lives. For your thoughts/actions of today will indeed influence your future experiences.

Our practice of contemplation and social action is guided by our intentions to:

  • Practice nonviolence.
  • Protect and extend human rights.
  • Work for a sustainable environment .
  • Recognize the interdependence of all beings
  • Meet suffering directly and with compassion..
  • Appreciate the importance of not cling to views and outcomes.
    Support gender and racial equality, and challenge all forms of unjust discrimination.
    We are committed to making the world a safer, humane and peaceful planet." The core of our approach is "The way of Oneness."

This philosophy "The Way of Oneness" is one of our most basic principles and pervades within in all of our activities.

We are comprised of groups of ,educators, students, martial arts and individuals who believe that through compassion, meditation, education, and action they can make a difference in the world.

We are a group of dedicated individuals with a common vision:
committed to peace, education, non-violent conflict resolution, environmentalism, sustainability, kindness, personal empowerment,
and community activism.

Assisting and inspiring sentient beings. Shaping them into model individuals for our world