Mikunguni Youth Development Organization

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About Us

Mikunguni Youth Development Organization (MYDO) is a social, voluntary, nonpartisan, and independent organization. MYDO was established in 2002 and registered in 2003 under the Society Act NO.6 of 1995, laws of Zanzibar. MYDO is located on Zanzibar Islands, Tanzania, East Africa.

Vision: Youth to become core human resource to the economic, social, and political development.

Mission: To strengthen community development by empowering youth participation in all national development process.

General Objective: To encourage youth participation in solving economic, social, cultural, educational and other humanitarian problems.

MYDO provides exceptional and affordable volunteer opportunities for dedicated people who are ready to donate their time, skills, and energy working directly with the local community for the youth of Zanzibar. MYDO offers various volunteer opportunities in the areas of organizational development, youth development, community outreach education, study tours, and internships. Volunteer projects are largely based on the skills that our volunteers are willing and able to offer, ranging from foreign language training to environmental education workshops. Volunteers can also help out in the office, enhancing MYDO's organizational development to help our programs continue to thrive. For more information on MYDO's programs, please visit www.mydozanzibar.org.

Volunteers can work with MYDO for any period from one week to one year. Any amount of time that you dedicate to our projects will help to make a difference for the local youth in Zanzibar, and will hopefully be an enriching learning experience for yourself as well. Working with MYDO gives you the great chance to learn, share, and advance your skills, while gaining experience in the field of development. At the same time, you will also have an amazing opportunity to explore beautiful beaches of Zanzibar.

Our volunteer placements are not set in stone and you can volunteer at any time throughout the year.