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About Us

The Promoting Human Rights and Education in Bangladesh (PHREB) is a not-for-profit, human rights organization, head quartered in Chittagong, Bangladesh. We create, strengthen and expand opportunities for girls and women in Bangladesh. We believe that if girls and women are given the opportunities to fully realize their potentials, they will be the main solutions to the poverty, maternal & neo-born mortalities and gender based violence. PHREB works with, for and on behalf of girls and women to realize the fully sexual and reproductive health and rights for women in Bangladesh.

Mr. Faridul Alam, a young Bangladeshi student of Law, founded PHREB in December 2004 on the eve of International Human Rights Day.

PHREB is based in Chittagong. Her staff is comprised of both educated and experienced Bangladeshi and international professionals, students and volunteers.

PHREB receives financial supports from International Donor Organizations such as Cordaid the Netherlands, Amnesty International Sweden and KIOS Finland. From November 2005 to until December 2010, PHREB received financial support from ICCO the Netherlands.