Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition

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About Us

Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition (SVTC) is a diverse grassroots nonprofit organization consisting of environmental and neighborhood groups, labor unions, public health leaders, people affected by toxic exposure and others. Our core values include a commitment to the practice of social justice and multiracial democracy. SVTC embraces a vision of a future which is based on a sustainable nonpolluting economy where a healthy environment is a right rather than a privilege. Through local work and our international network, the Intl Campaign for Responsible Technology (I-CRT), we strive to achieve this vision by being leader--locally,nationally and globally: 1) Documenting and exposing the hazards of toxic chemical pollution; 2) Educating the community about the dangers of toxic hazards; 3) Empowering people to hold government and industry accountable; and 4) Shifting the environmental priorites of industry and government to a focus on pollution prevention and the development of environmentally beneficial