Genesis 2 Productions, Inc.

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1631 E. 25th Street
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About Us

Genesis 2 Productions, Inc. is a faith-based nonprofit organization that helps improve communities through drama and performing arts. Genesis 2 Productions, Inc. focuses on the issues that matter most faith, motivation of self, family, and community. With a research staff developing our strategic plan, their focus is on business needs.

G2P addresses difficult challenges in its community by portraying a realistic view of the problems people face in their everyday lives, including domestic violence, physical and emotional abuse, and family disputes through the performing arts.

Commitment to issues such as these will continue to define G2P’s work in the years to come.


Genesis 2 Productions, Inc., a faith-based nonprofit organization’s mission is to change, impact, and provoke people’s lives by offering thought-wrenching dramatizations to uplift the soul and mind. Genesis 2 Productions, also partners with various community-based organizations to offer resources in an effort to help individuals deal and cope with specific areas in their everyday lives, including, but not limited to domestic violence, physical and emotional abuse, and family disputes. Genesis 2 Productions, Inc.’s long term goal is to establish a production company that employs those that others have counted out or forgotten.


At the heart of Genesis 2 Productions, Inc. is our vision … to produce change and salvation through theatrical performance, creativity, and God’s plan.


  • Support the local community with productions that are relevant to their everyday lives
  • Develop a network of resources to support those in the community dealing with the problems in our productions
  • Create employment for others in the community who are considered counted out or forgotten

Keys to Success

We believe that our blessings come from God. With hard work, commitment, and the desire to develop the gifts God has given us we will develop this organization with the following:

  • Stay true to ourselves, our mission, and God.
  • Change the minds of our audience by presenting a personal view of their reality.
  • Identifying the problem areas in communities by partnering with organizations to help fulfill our mission and vision.
  • As God continues to increase our growth, development and finances, we will increase our support to the community and our local assemblies.