Muslimat Al Nisaa

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About Us

Muslimat Al Nisaa Health, Education Social & Shelter Services Organization, A faith-based organization established to address issues critical to the health and human services needs specific to the Muslim community as well as to society in general. Goal Provide culturally and linguistically appropriate direct services through partnerships developed with other service providers. Strive to promote and enhance an independent and enriched community life based upon the professional skills and resources found within our local and nationwide community. Objectives • Build community capacity • Provide programs and services that are needed by the Muslim Community • Be a point of contact for health & social services within the Muslim Community • Maintain a sustainable and responsive organization to satisfy community needs • Serve the Muslim Community through an efficient and effective service delivery system • Maintain a portfolio of services that is continuously refined and updated based on the needs and consultation within the general community. Muslimat Al Nisaa recognizes that no one organization can be all things to all those in need. However, when everyone works together and channel those resources through one central entity, then comprehension is achieved, and success is maintained. The results - a task force made up of these groups and others that have studied problems, brainstormed, and made recommendations on how to resolve it in our areas.

• Any organization is invited and welcome to join with those of us working together to achieve the same results. They need only to submit what they bring to the table (network), how they intend to participate, who is their contact person, and when they are available to do so. • Since no organization is relinquishing their organizational purpose into the network, no organization is giving up their organizational goals, objectives, agenda, or executives. No one is absorbed into the collective network but rather is extending their range to include and embrace those outside their physical structure.