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About Us

TerraLucent is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a more sustainable world through education, advocacy and collaboration. We offer integrated solutions to sustainability at the local community level, wherever such communities may exist on the planet. We work from the ground up, beginning with the health of the earth and our natural ecosystems, emphasizing local food production, local food systems, and renewable energy solutions – with an emphasis on the training and societal integration of veterans and at-risk individuals. We strive to empower communities through education, health, local economic development, and housing initiatives, ultimately assisting them to become vibrant, healthy, and resilient in our rapidly changing world. The vision of TerraLucent is both local and global. It grows from the understanding that meaningful change is on a personal and grassroots level, and that change will come with the development of innovative pilot programs that will be able to be utilized in resourced challenged communities throughout the world. Collaboration is central to TerraLucent. We work in partnership with grassroots initiatives, organizations, local businesses, and government agencies. TerraLucent is a catalyst for building a more sustainable future.