Neriah Community Health Foundation

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About Us

Neriah Community Health Foundation

Mission statement:

Our desire is to share the light and love of the Lord while serving others in practical ways: Our first goal is to provide medical care, preventative health education, safe water supply, sanitation, food, education, and basic agricultural projects/training. Our second goal is to provide volunteer opportunities for Christians, helping them to discover and use their God given gifts and talents while taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people.

Vision Statement:

To honor God, through this international Christian-based organization collaborating with individuals and organizations from around the world to build and develop Community Health Centers throughout Haiti wherever such care is needed for the poor. Our goal is to build infrastructure, provide long term health and educational services, and to bear witness to the gospel of Jesus.


• To develop and maintain a physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy community • bring opportunity to the currently unemployed by creating partnership within the community-based organizations that will help individuals learn how to improve their standard of living and quality of life by improving and expanding their agricultural skills • To create an infrastructure that will provide adequate and affordable medical care for all • To help the under privileged to increase a healthy outlook on life through the provision of psycho-social, mental health services, and education • To offer assistance to the people in a manner that recognizes, respects, and builds on existing strengths and resources of residents and their communities, by introducing them to the tools they need to build self-reliance • To build a nurturing active community concerned in the planning and implementation of new initiatives must be obtained in collaboration with trusted leaders (e.g. spiritual leaders, teachers) who know the community • Finally, integrating cultural competence in the development, planning and delivery of effective services will be offered through this organization.