Heal the Land Initiative in Nigeria

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About Us


HELIN is a Nongovernmental organization that focuses on Health, Education and Community Development. The organization started in the year 2000 and was registered under the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development as a Community Based Organization (CBO) in 2003. The organization got the status of a Non Governmental Organization with Corporate Affairs Commission in 2007.

Commission We are committed to working with women, children, people living with HIVAIDS and youth.

Goal To address social and health issues in the communities through innovative strategies


• Design, implement and manage projects in the areas of health, education, economic and human development through wide range of activities.

• Assist people make informed decisions and choices about their lives and future.

• To promote greater involvement of individuals in all aspects of prevention, treatment, care & support and research services.

• To reduce stigma and discrimination against PLWHA/PABA and other target population in the communities.

• To reduce infant/maternal mortality and morbidity.

• To support Families with self-sustaining skills through income generating activities and micro credit services.

• To design specific gender sensitive educational and health related programs for target groups.

• To foster and encourage self reliance and good health among women and young people.

• To mobilize communities to be involved in activities that assist in poverty reduction and impact mitigation programs.

• To create a forum for and coordinate networking’s between organizations interested in providing some forms of assistance to PLWHA, women, widows, orphans and vulnerable children in the form of finance or funding of projects, provision of capacity building, trainings etc.


HELIN mission is to deliver qualitative and compassionate services to women and vulnerable groups by promoting good health, education and general development in Nigeria.

Vision HELIN envision a society where women have access to health, education and general development through innovative and participatory approach.

Core Values

C- Commitment and Dedication to reach target population.

H- Hardworking to ensure that organizational vision, mission and values are met.

I- Uphold Integrity to ensure that policies and procedures of the organization are followed.

A- Uphold Accountability and Transparency in the organizational and financial management.