Camp Looking Glass

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United States

About Us

Camp Looking Glass is a camp like no other in the Mississippi Delta. Our campers are children and adults with developmental and physical disabilities, including cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, hearing impairment, cognitive disabilities, and more.

Camp Looking Glass is place to make friends and have fun. Each summer we come together to celebrate life! Our campers and counselors are all people who share the same passion and spirit for inclusion of people with all abilities. Camp is a time for campers and counselors alike to try something new. We swim, dance, sing, ride horses, go out to eat, put on a talent show, explore nature, go hiking, and much more!

Sometimes camp experiences are more subtle. It can as simple as asking someone to dance, jumping into the swimming pool for the first time, or simply gaining independence. These experiences are found only at camp.


• Provide an environment that supports the personal growth of community members with disabilities

• Offer a respite for families

• Build self-esteem and personal growth through achievements

• Provide an opportunity for campers and counselors to establish lifelong friendships

• Create an integrated experience in which the distance between individuals with disabilities and the community is transcended