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About Us

Anyone who has sustained a serious burn injury knows that it can have devastating consequences, whether it was caused by a house fire, scalding cooking fluid, or an insurgent's explosive device.

Burn survivors are usually left with physical disfigurement and emotional scars. Their recoveries are often long and painful, requiring multiple surgeries, lengthy rehabilitation, and psychological care. Their injuries require more attention and follow-ups than almost any other type of injury.

The mission of the Burn Advocates Network is to support burn survivors – whether they are children, young men and women who are wounded in combat, or the elderly – as they face the challenges of recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration.

Some of our major accomplishments include:

  • Created and operate Camp Sababa, Israel's first multicultural specialized camp for burns survivors, offering free tuition and transportation for Jewish and Arab Israeli children.
  • Developed and donated music programs for over 20 camps and clinics in the U.S., including the burn unit at Brooke Army Medical Center, which rehabilitates our most seriously combat burned troops.
  • Established the first Physical and Occupational Therapy Center in northern Haiti. In our 5 missions, we have delivered over 50 tons of medical supplies and brought doctors, surgeons, nurses, and therapists to provide needed burn care and cholera relief.
  • Laid the groundwork for construction of the Haiti Burn Center and Network, the first modern burn facility at Sacre Coeur Hospital, and developed a burn prevention campaign. This educational component will enable Haitians to provide comprehensive care for the hundreds of pediatric patients as well as teach burn prevention to at-risk populations.

Join us in this important work!