Equity in Education Coalition

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605 SW 108th Street
White Center
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About Us

The Equity in Education Coalition (EEC) is a state wide coalition working towards a more targeted and comprehensive approach to improve educational achievement and growth as well as closing the opportunity gap throughout the State of Washington.

As a Coalition representative of communities of color and low-income communities, we are taking a strategic approach to closing the opportunity gap that takes into account the effects of race, homelessness, racial and institutional discrimination, children and parents whose first language is not English, poverty, and family instability.

The EEC believes in targeted universalism. We believe that policy makers, advocates, stakeholders, academics and decision makers must recognize that the needs of under-represented groups must be addressed in a coordinated and effective manner. It is no longer possible to believe that "the rising tide lifts all boats." Through an approach of targeted universalism the EEC recognizes that the opportunity and achievement gap is not a silo issue and the solution isn't either.