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About Us

Pass the Mic Youth is an international non-profit organization that connects youth through reading, writing and art. Through our innovative "literacy lab" program, we cultivate communities of free literacy, peace and inclusion. Pass the Mic Youth uses literacy and art as a tool for justice and inclusion.

Mission: Literacy begets peace. We train tomorrows leaders in literacy, the arts, and leadership skills to ensure peace for generations to come. Through our innovative “literacy lab” model, youth become better readers and community leaders, artists, authors and peace activists that have the power to transform their communities and the world.   

Vision: Pass the Mic Youth envisions a fully literate world united by peace. We train and inspire leaders and activists, and connect youth in communities near and far through art, writing and intercultural exchange, all in the name of a more peaceful world. Our vision is a world without our existence; a world led by a corps of fully literate, socially conscious, peace generating youth leaders.

Our Core Values

Literacy as Leadership- Literacy is not only a skill to that aids academic success, but a political act, a tool that allows for inclusion, citizenship and peace. Literacy is a form of leadership; literate youth can participate fully in their community, their country and the world. Pass the Mic Youth is dedicated to literacy as a form of justice. 

Sustainable Solutions and Support Systems- Pass the Mic Youth is a movement, not a development initiative. Our sustainable solutions and support systems ensure that every community and every child is heard, included, and celebrated. Pass the Mic Youth is dedicated to sustainability through our core components of literacy, leadership training and peer education; it is impossible to unlearn these important skills and tools.

Practicing Makes Peace- Pass the Mic Youth believes that peace will be achieved through practice. Our trainings enable youth to practice peace daily, within themselves, their community and the larger. Through training tools, skill building and unique programming, our youth practice peace daily.