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About Us

1.INSPRE. TEACH. EMPOWER. – Provide communication skills training that will empower others to share their own stories and to teach young people how to interpret media to encourage positive growth.

2.PRODUCE MEDIA – Produce independent documentaries aimed at creating a more global community.


a) The skills training that we provide is aimed at giving people the means to communicate about their surroundings through media. In places where many people do not have a voice we want to empower them to reach out to other communities around the world. Communicating clearly with the use of technology is a means of being heard and sharing the truth. For those who have always had others advocating for them, it is time they had the power to tell their own stories. Through the skills we teach with classes and the online web forum we hope to provide that opportunity.

b) Today’s youth is constantly exposed to and influenced by media. These messages are unrelenting and unconcerned about the development of a strong, healthy and educated generation. Rather, most media is aimed at protecting and improving corporate interests. Experience with media begins at infancy yet it is not until college that a person will receive any kind of training to properly process these messages. In order to combat social and psychological disorders and problems we will arm families with the ability to understand and interpret the effects of media. BMG intends to equip students at a middle school and high school level with the knowledge to decipher media messages and read between the lines of advertisements.


The films that BMG creates will be posted on an interactive web forum. Those we train and others interested will be able to comment and upload content to the site. Our videos will set the groundwork for discussion on topics such as civil rights, self-identity, religion, west