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About Us

Flex Public Schools is a duly incorporated California nonprofit public benefiti corporation partnering with K12, Inc., a NYSE publicy traded company widely regarded as offering the finest K-12th grade online courses available.

Flex holds a number of charters for cutting edge blended learning schools. This includes a charter for SF Flex Academy, Silicon Valley Flex Academies, and Mt. Diablo Flex Academy. These schools are full-time, tuition-free public charter school located in various Bay Area sites serving either grades 6-12 or 9-12.

As one of California's first full-time, five-days-a-week hybrid schools, we combine the best of online education with traditional, onsite schooling. SF Flex uses the curriculum from K¹², the largest provider of online learning for grades K-12, to offer courses in the core subjects (Math, English, History and Science) along with a robust catalog of electives. Students attend school in our building every weekday, are supported by professional, certified teachers, and can participate in extracurricular sports, activities, and clubs.

Flex provides engaging and personalized learning that truly maximizes each student's full potential—an education that fits the individual student, not the masses—so students of all backgrounds and aptitudes can thrive in high school and beyond. A customized learning plan is provided for each student, so those who need more time and support in certain subjects can get it, and those who are ready to move ahead can do so at their own pace.

Everything the students need to be successful in the program is provided at the school, including dedicated computer work stations for the online component of the instruction, as well textbooks, novels, math manipulatives, science equipment, art supplies, and more. With small classes, outstanding teachers, sports, clubs, and academic and social enrichment opportunities, Flex creates a strong and warm school community for our students.

Flex provides exceptional college prep with a curriculum provided by K¹². Graduates from K¹² schools attend every one of the UC campuses, as well as numerous prestigious colleges nationally. All of K¹²'s California Virtual Academies are WASC-accredited.