International Association of Educators for World Peace

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United States

About Us

International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP) is an organization developed by the United Nations to promote peace through harmony and education. IAEWP is in the process of becoming an active organization. Our goals for re-launching in the United States starts in Seattle and its surrounding communities. Our mission is to strengthen our community by building a group of young volunteers to both educate and fix a variety of issues that impact our community. Eventually we would like to integrate ourselves into the education system and start teaching and discussing peace education with Universities in our local communities. We are looking to build a team of students and/or college grads to help IAEWP reach its mission and create the layout of this organization that will be applied to other states across America. The various tasks we will perform will be connecting to the public through social networking, planning events, forming agenda's and creating weekly discussions/lectures, and making contacts with local Universities.

Our focus points for IAEWP:

1. Peace Education

2. Environmental Sustainability

3. Human Dignity

4. Non-violence and Conflict Resolution

5. Interfaith Harmony