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About Us

The All Stars Project, Inc. (ASP) is a national nonprofit organization, founded in 1981. Our mission is to transform the lives of youth and poor communities, using the developmental power of performance, in partnership with caring adults. In All Stars programs, people learn new performances onstage and off. They try new things, they become more worldly, and begin to create new possibilities for themselves and their communities. Seeing -- and acting on -- new possibilities is development, and it's what All Stars is all about. Each year, our free outside of school programs reach 20,000 inner-city young people in six cities including New York, Newark, Jersey City, Chicago, Dallas, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Since its founding, All Stars Project, Inc. has created and funded grassroots programs which employ and advance a new performance approach to human development.

Our programs include:

· All Stars Talent Show Network, where young people perform in and produce hiphop talent shows in their neighborhoods.

· The Development School for Youth, where young people learn to perform as professionals, and partner with business leaders who conduct workshops and provide paid summer internships.

· Operation Conversation: Cops & Kids is our internationally award-winning police-community relations program. In partnership with the New York City and Newark Police Departments, it brings young people from poor communities together with police officers in performance workshops where they learn to listen to each other and create a new kind of relationship.

· The Castillo Theatre is our off-off Broadway theatre. It opens up the world of cutting edge political theatre to young people and adults. Its audience comes from diverse communities across New York City, and nearly 10,000 people attend productions every year.

· Youth Onstage! gives young people access to free training in the performing arts under the direction of volunteer theatre professionals.

· UX is a free, university-style school of continuing development. It has classes, workshops and field trips that are open to people of all ages.

· Fulani Fellows is a rigorous introduction to, and immersion in, the on-the-ground practice, methodology, and approach to human development employed in the programs of the All Stars Project. The fellowship program is designed as an opportunity for young professionals to train with, learn from, and work with the distinguished development psychologist and grassroots educator, Dr. Lenora Fulani and her colleagues.

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