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About Us

The Foundation of Public Safety Professionals (PSP) was established in 2004 by Public Safety Professionals to provide funding and support when responding to the ever increasing numbers of man made and natural disasters.

The Foundation of Public Safety Professionals is a not for profit charitable organisation.

The objectives of the Foundation are:

Providing systematic funding for long term research and development in order to attain a better understanding of new sources of risk, Public Safety requirements and emergency/crisis mitigation. Research and development will incorporate the search for more effective systems’ design to improve equipment and communication technology. It will also provide for effective audits of organisational procedures and capabilities during crisis response both domestically, regionally and globally.

Awarding scholarships to Public Safety personnel from both public and private agencies, in developing and developed countries, particularly where training budgets and facilities are limited or restricted. These training and research scholarships aim to enhance professional and academic qualifications in the varied disciplines involved in Public Safety.

Providing funding, in conjunction with governmental and non-governmental agencies associated with Public Safety in order to support the attendance of suitable Disaster Response Teams in circumstances where funding cannot otherwise be guaranteed within the critical time frame following the occurrence of a major disaster, emergency or crisis.

Provision of funding for equipment and training of essential Public Safety personnel with particular emphasis on assistance to developing countries allowing them to respond more effectively to disasters, emergencies and other crises.

Provide support in order to link emergency, disaster and crisis management personnel with a common goal of a safer world, under the aegis of the FOUNDATION of PUBLIC SAFETY PROFESSIONALS