Hawlwadaag, Union Building
Bakara Market

205, BN03040

About Us

We are a non Governmental, non religious, Non racial, non profit making organization

Our mission is to:

1. To form a reformation campaign that transforms the young generation from violences into culture that promotes peace and democracy. 2. To empower youth, children and adolescents those are the cornerstones of the population to prepare peaceful democratic leaders in the coming future, with internship programs. 3. To form strong base for women and children rights by uplifting their living standard of socio-economic and education. 4. To eliminate any form of discrimination among the people. 5. To improve the living conditions of the Somali youth & rest of the population through education/skills empowerment, job creation and raising systematic advocacy to influence government, political parts, Community, local and international Organization policy to support Youth groups attain the leading role of the future. 7. To fight against poverty, Tropical diseases and HIV/Aids.

AREAS OF INTERVENTION 1. Youth Empowerment & Development 2. Lobbying & Advocacy for democracy and freedoms. 3. Employment/education creation for Youthful policy. 4. Building peace culture and non-violence system. 5. Demobilization of militia 6. Environmental Care Sustainability 7. Social Awareness for the promotion of peace, HIV/Aids, FGM, sanitation and other social activities 8. Gender Issue and Human rights