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About Us

The Red Panda Network saves wild red pandas and preserves their habitat through the empowerment of local communities by adaptive community-based research, education, sustainable development, and carbon mitigation.

Red Panda Network is committed to ensuring the protection of 40% of red panda habitat in Nepal by the end of the year 2015. We are also collaborating with other organisations to eventually reach all red panda habitat, which includes the Himalayan landscapes in Nepal, India, China, Burma, and Bhutan. Currently, we are protecting 12% of red panda habitat in Nepal. We do this through three programs: species conservation, conservation education, and carbon mitigation. Achievements include:

  • Completion of a baseline survey of the red panda population in 6 community forests;
  • Trained 39 forest guardians for our community-based monitoring and conservation program
  • Red Panda Conservation Training and Curriculum Development Workshop of 23 elementary school teachers throughout the Taplejung district;
  • Initiated the annual International Red Panda Day, an RPN international education awareness initiative that has more than 30 zoos from 5 continents participating every year, as well as schools and other partners;
  • Completion of a feasibility study for a 30-year carbon credit program.

We think that conducting forestry carbon projects are a way of reaching this goal. Through a forestry carbon project, we will turn the forests into an asset that will ensure protection of the whole PIT corridor, or 25% of the Nepalese red panda population, for more than 20 or 30 years. Thus, we can protect red panda, empower impoverished villagers in eastern Nepal and fight global warming.

Our Core Values

  • Red Panda Network values the power and creativeness of human beings.
  • We are committed to creating a place where human ingenuity can manifest all that is possible in life.
  • We are inspired by the beauty and power of nature for which the red panda is our symbol.
  • We value the individual and their ability to find solutions to life's challenges.
  • We are inspired to empower individuals to find the best in themselves and to discover pioneering solutions to conservation of the world's precious natural resources.
  • We believe in the power of markets and collaboration in our pursuit of the end of deforestation.