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About Us

Parenting Journey's mission is to create safer, more resilient families by supporting them in developing the inner strengths, life skills, and networks of resources they need to succeed.

Parenting Journey, a nonprofit agency headquartered in Somerville, MA, offers powerful programs that help parents build safer, stronger families and partners with other social service agencies to train their staff to implement and scale our high-impact approach. Since its founding in 1982, Parenting Journey (formerly The Family Center), has provided direct services at our center’s “learning lab” to thousands of low-income and/or immigrant family members annually in Greater Boston. In addition, we have trained more than 1,800 human service professionals who have replicated Parenting Journey’s programs in more than 500 sites throughout New England and New York City, Florida, and Washington, DC to the benefit of more than 52,000 parents and their 130,000 children.

Parenting Journey vision for 2020 is to become the national leader in the design and delivery of innovative programs that focus on helping parents build brighter futures for themselves and their families. Our goal is to significantly expand the reach and increase the impact of Parenting Journey programs locally and nationally.

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