Lowell Catholic High School

  • MA


530 Stevens Street
United States

About Us

Our Mission

Lowell Catholic challenges its students to:

  • EXCEL in their academic efforts and hold learning in high esteem.
  • PREPAREfor productive lives as active members of their future communities.
  • LIVE Jesus' message to love God, our neighbors and ourselves.

In carrying out our Mission, Lowell Catholic promotes:

  • An active and informed personal discipline and the honorable character to which this leads
  • Respect for all of the many cultures from which our community's families come
  • Independent thinking, effective communication, skillful individual and cooperative work, a safe physical and social environment, teaching that is intellectually sound, fair, and personally engaged, and productive relations with our students' families
  • Commitment to useful service to the Lowell Catholic community and to the larger communities of which it is a part, for we believe that to serve is to continue Christ's unfinished mission
  • An appreciation of Catholic ideals and the values of human dignity, personal responsibility, the importance of family, informed citizenship and conscientious moral decision making


The school's philosophy embraces the teachings and principles of the Roman Catholic Church. The community is a special blend of people who care deeply about and communicate effectively with one another and with talented students interested in learning. The school's focus is the education of the whole student, of which a basic element is a comprehensive academic program. Enriched by all they have learned and experienced, students are graduated from Lowell Catholic prepared for college and personal life, understanding their moral responsibility to the global community.