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About Us


WeINSPIRE reports, connects and assists in the creation of inspirational narratives.


On June 3rd, 2014 the WeINSPIRE team, encouraged everyday people to champion a movement: motivating individuals to contribute their time and talent to inspire the world. Participants utilized person-to-person communication and social media platforms to display service projects, encourage others, and to spread the message of the WeINSPIRE. Through the use of the hashtag #weinspire6314, thousands of people were able to share pictures, stories, and narratives of their mission to inspire. With a belief that anyone can inspire others with as little as encouraging words, a helping hand, and the sharing of life’s lessons, WeINSPIRE began to rapidly evolve. Today, WeINSPIRE is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit which has a number of impact areas:

  • WeINSPIRE Day - Every 1st Saturday of June, since its inception, the organization has played a vital role in influencing many to embrace positivity and be a source of inspiration to all those they come across. The intent of this one-day focus provides an opportunity for celebrities, social media influencers, and everyone around the world to take part in this great effort to share inspiration. Participate this June!

  • WeINSPIRE Ambassadors - Individuals nominated by their community for going above and beyond to inspire others to be truly inspirational in service, leadership, volunteerism, and life. WeINSPIRE values inspirational narratives and in celebrating stories and opportunities of inspiration and the power of such narratives to yield short and long-term action. Inspiration happens daily and it produces an infectious attitude. Nominate the next WeINSPIRE Ambassador!

  • WeINSPIRE Internship - The WeINSPIRE Spring Internship program is built for talented college, graduate students, or community members looking for an enriching volunteer-internship opportunity. As WeINSPIRE Social Media Coordinator and Junior Content Producer , the interns use the tools of social media and community outreach to instantly reach like-minded people and reinvigorate community-focused action. Volunteer internships are an important step in the development of a professional and WeINSPIRE is committed to providing quality learning opportunities for our volunteer interns. Apply today! 

  • WeINSPIRE Social Platforms - FacebookInstagram and Twitter are all used to report and connect inspirational narratives while also celebrating positive examples, igniting passions, and empowering people. WeINSPIRE spreads inspiration through each of our social media platforms. Connect with us today!