The WaNgui Project

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About Us

WaNgui's mission is to raise awareness for women's rights issues in West Africa using traditional Senegalese dance.
Manifested in 2013 by visionary artist Anna Clark, The WaNgui Project is a not-for-profit urban Sabar dance company that brings an artistic approach to human rights awareness.
Wa Nguewel Gui {pronounced wah goo-well gee} which translates to "a group of artists" in Wolof, was the original name for The WaNgui Project. Due to the complex articulation, the name was shortened to create the acronym WaNgui {pronounced wane-gee} and Wa Nguewel Gui evolved into what it is today, The WaNgui Project. The letter 'N' remains capitalized to pay homage to the birth of the company and the Nguewels or artists that comprise WaNgui.

 All WaNgui dancers were born into artist of 'guewel' families, who have carried down the traditional dances of Senegal for centuries. WaNgui's collection of artists are internationally recognized, dancing alongside major Senegalese artists such as Youssou Ndour, Vivian, Titi, Adi Ouza and Wally Seck. WaNgui brings value and depth to the artistic and cultural Sabar scene, representing the finest part of Senegalese culture, drum and dance.