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About Us

AlterHeros is a non-profit incorporated organization with a goal to eliminate prejudice and discrimination, to improve the image of homosexuals and bisexuals, and to halt homophobia so that the youth can feel proud to be equal members of society. Our mission is to increase the public's awareness with regards to diversity and to facilitate the social and community integration of gay, lesbian, transgendered, and questioning (GLBTQ) youth. Currently, we primarily provide services through an interactive bilingual web site ( as well as through collaborative relationships with other organizations. An organization based in Montréal, staffed by volunteers, created for youth by youth.

Our site features over 600 articles dealing with over 50 different categories of topics and issues of concern to GBLT youth and others; an Ask the Expert section where visitors can pose questions to our network of sexologists, nurses, and other qualified professionals and students; a My Story section where youth and others can share their coming-out stories and experiences with visitors; an eXpressions section giving youth the opportunity to display their artistic talents; and much more!