9/11 Unity Walk

  • DC


United States

About Us

Purpose The Unity Walk creates ways for people of all faiths to walk together. Walking together gives people a way to demonstrate that they are not willing to be divided by religion or subject to those seeking to divide. Our purpose is to inspire and mobilize people to move towards peace, understanding and compassion around the world.

History The original United States walk in Washington, DC proceeded from the largest synagogue to the National Cathedral to the oldest masjid, with stops at every other religious congregation along the route. Sponsors included more than 100 faith groups, community, and service organizations. The Unity Walk is now becoming a global movement that honors the growing pluralism of our societies and promotes religious, cultural and ethnic understanding.

Vision The Unity Walk movement seeks to spread the experience globally, with walks in 40 countries by 2010. We are guided by an open dialogue process and we grow via grassroots partnerships.