ACDP Beacon Program @ MS 117

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1865 Morris ave
room 140
United States

About Us

Offer quality programs by qualified, committed and enthusiastic staff that will lead to increasing enrollment. Provide participants with wide-range opportunities for community involvement. Motivate youth to learn and develop their personal interests and skills while having meaningful and challenging opportunities to practice and apply them.

These programs will address the critical developmental needs of the community. Develop linkages to ensure further success for all participants. Make a full commitment eventually creating a success story for each participant.

Support ACDP’s mission: to promote and develop the physical, emotional, social and economic well-being of the residents of, the Bronx by facilitating community empowerment through education, provision of human services, and the development of individual skills and community leadership.

My long-term vision or goal for children, adults, and families in my community is to help them by empowering them with the Life Skills, Academic enhancement, & Community awareness they need to succeed in their journey through school, their careers, and their life.