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About Us

OUR MISSION: CXI aims to promote positive youth development through civic service within the global community.

OUR GOALS: •Engage citizens in voluntary service, which matches their interest and allows them to contribute to the global community •Contribute to the personal, professional and social development of youth volunteers through the exceptional experience of fully integrating into a foreign nation and culture. •Increase the population of volunteers throughout the world

OUR VISION: CXI works to inspire and stimulate youth to discover and explore their talent, participate in community projects and become an active and responsible world citizen. We at Code-X understand the great benefits that come from voluntary work, and want to encourage youth to become civically engaged. And through international volunteer projects, we will work towards our goals of youth and community development on a global scale.

CODE-X INTERNATIONAL PROMOTES •Volunteer opportunities for all youth, no matter their social, religious, ethnic or economic background •The idea that youth are an important part of society and can have a significant impact on development in the world •Youth in their active citizenship and their commitment to civic duty •Youth as stakeholders in community development projects •Youth’s rights and responsibilities to take part in public policy, especially in the field of youth development •Youth volunteer projects which insure strong and diverse communities inhabited by empathetic and civically-engaged young people