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About Us

Prerak Trust is a not for profit organization working to provide custom water and sanitation solutions for urban and rural communities in India. It meets a critical need since only 30% of India’s population has safe drinking water and sanitation. Their team’s expertise includes projects and skills that cover a range of initiatives such as:

Revival of ancient step wells, recharging of bore wells, solid waste management, building accessible toilets for girls thereby enabling them to access schools, mapping sanitation infrastructure, managing change in partnership with communities and local government to generate stakeholders engagement.


Evolve strategies to revive neglected water resources, and design waste management and sanitation systems for habitations.

Engage with all stakeholders in developing innovative solutions to manage their water resources, waste and sanitation management needs, by fostering Public–Private Partnerships.

Educate, train and help community stakeholders take ownership of the solutions to maintain healthy and sustainable environments.