Diyalo Pariwar

About Us

Diyalo Pariwar is a member based-not-profit making humanitarian and development organization. It is registered in District Administration Office and affiliated with Social Welfare Council under the Social Organization act of His Majesty's Government of Nepal. It is also registered in NGO Federation of Nepal (a national federation of Nepalese NGOs in Nepal).

Social Mission:

Involve in Community Development facilitating to proper utilization of the local resources and available capabilities as well as the human resources.

Develop, Upgrade and Promote Diyalo¡¦s professionals, employees and members as skilled manpower in the concerned sectors for the nation¡¦s Development.

Currently Diyalo believes that the people are the main resource of Nepal. By education, training, making them organized gradual development and proper mobilization of this resource Diyalo hopes to be a partner in nation building. The problems are many and failures do occur. No one project is a model one. Diyalo is continually in the process of searching and analyzing for the best practice to merge it to be a real service provider for the people.

The following are the objectives of Diyalo Pariwar and is extracted from its constitution. Beside these, Diyalo Pariwar will set priorities as per the proposed programs mainstreaming with the core objectives. To support the wishes and interest of rural communities. To develop awareness among the rural poor and targeted communities. To support and strengthen the wills of rural communities. To strengthen the capacity of Diyalo Pariwar as to manage proposed activities.