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About Us


National Priorities Project (NPP) makes complex federal budget information transparent and accessible so people can prioritize and influence how their tax dollars are spent.


We hold the vision of an informed and engaged democracy where all people affected by federal spending priorities have the ability and opportunity to participate in shaping our nation's budget.

Theory of Change

Many people in the United States don’t know where or how their federal tax dollars are spent. They feel disengaged from the personal and societal impacts of federal spending and believe they have little influence over the creation or oversight of our nation's budget.

Yet, the federal budgeting process is meant to be open and participatory, with elected officials fully accountable to their constituents. This is crucial for a healthy democracy where all people have the ability and opportunity to shape our federal spending priorities.

National Priorities Project's work helps people be better informed about the federal budgeting process; how and where their tax dollars are being spent; and how and when they can influence budget creation. This information – put into the hands of individuals and organizations working in various ways to affect national priorities – has the potential to strengthen movements, enhance democracy and enrich lives.

We provide the following:

On-line briefs and seminars which offer basic information about the national budget and the budget making process;

Print and web-based publications and tools that break down and report on federal income and spending at national and local levels;

A one-of-a-kind database that allows people to assess the personal and societal impact of federal spending;

Tools that help people make sense of the federal budget.