Missio Lux

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About Us

Missio Lux means Mission of Light in Latin. It is a network of people connected in relationship who are intentional about knowing God, loving people and serving the world in their area of passion.

Missio Lux is comprised of:

Missio Communities: Missio Communities are made up of approximately 10 to 50 people who come together in authentic friendship to share a meal, focus on meaningful interaction and plan and/or experience a life changing missio. No two Missio Communities look alike!

Specific Missios: Missio simply means "mission" in Latin. Mission means to go and serve. Francis of Assissi lived a missional life by caring for others more than himself. He stated this, "Where your deepest desire and the world greatest need meets; therein lies your vocation (or missio). Each one of us and each Missio Community has a specific purpose for which God created us. We will experience great fulfillment in living out our missios, thinking that "life can't get much better than this!"

The Missio Lux "missios" will be quite different and unique to each community, as well as surprising! This is because each community is responding to their specific call to love and serve the world. As we each live into our specific purpose, our local communities and global world will be transformed by the loving presence of Jesus carried out through his followers!