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About Us

We work with refugees living in the outskirts and the host community populations in North Eastern Kenya. The projects provide health solutions- curative and promotive health.

We work in rural and parts of informal settlements in Nairobi and Kisumu Cities. The work mainly focuses on community issues of health, social and economic development. A special focus on women and children's needs. The programs (( are derived from the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Government of Kenya Strategy Paper on Vision 2030. The key thematic areas of intervention are decided upon after conducting community needs assessment with community groups in urban slums and parts of rural Kenya. The health projects include; Increasing access to health services by means of mobile clinics within refugee and host community villages, parts of remote and rural Kenya, reproductive Health and life skills education for youth and women ; HIV/AIDS prevention and mitigation activities especially among adolescents, youth and women as well as projects on support of Orphans and Vulnerable Children. Within the framework of Public Health, primary health care is essential. This involves project such as: Construction of VIP toilets and hand washing facilities; Provision of clean portable water and water treatment facilities and Health and Hygiene education. We work with community to reduce food insecurity in households through agricultural projects. Strategies for Socio Economic Empowerment and Governance include: women's involvemnt in income activities, girl child education and training in leadership and good governance. The emergency Projects respond to effects are flooding, droughts and famine in Kenya. to mitigate on disease outbreaks of water-borne diseases such as typhoid, amoeba, cholera after flooding, and other diseases/conditions resulting form disaster. The organization works in collaboration with partners both local and internationa to realize objectives of projects.