Loma Linda University School of Public Health

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About Us

The mission of the School of Public Health reflects a distinctly Christian orientation and purpose in preparing students as public health professionals for local, national, and international service.

The School integrates instruction, research, and service to achieve educational excellence. LLU SPH keeps with its Seventh-day Adventist heritage by encouraging an integration of the physical, mental, social, and spiritual dimensions.

The goals of the School of Public Health are to:

1. Educate public health professionals for service in local, national, and international settings.
2. Integrate public health practice with teaching and research in the careers of faculty and the education of students.
3. Expand and disseminate public health knowledge through research and scholarly activities.
4. Promote the development of positive personal health habits in faculty, staff, and students as integral to spiritual values and Christian commitment.
5. Provide public health education through innovative programs to meet the needs of the sponsoring church and populations underserved by public health training and education.
6. Provide public health leadership within the University and the community.
7. Encourage responsible management of resources and the environment.
8. Provide appropriate consultation.
9. Encourage an educational environment supportive of diverse population groups.
The School of Public Health believes that the values held by the School and its faculty and staff--and which it seeks to develop in its students--are a consequence of a loving relationship between God and His created beings.

This relationship is reflected in the following values:

1. Compassion toward fellow human beings, creatures, and nature
2. Acceptance of each individual as a priceless child of God
3. Respect for the beliefs, ideas, opinions, and cultures of others
4. Equity in interactions with all races, individuals, ethnicities, and cultures
5. Integrity by matching belief with action
6. Faith in the outworking of God's ultimate purpose
7. Wisdom in research, study, and service