Heart of Hope Ministries

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1740 9th Avenue
Rock Island
United States

About Us

Heart of Hope Ministries is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are a ministry that crosses denominational lines and racial, gender, age, and economic background barriers, with one common factor to glue us together…our Love for the Lord…and His desire that we show and demonstrate His love to others.

Heart of Hope’s Advisory Board is made up of community members, activists, and leaders who are devoted to guiding Heart of Hope in the fulfillment of the vision God has given, and our dynamic Ministry Team is dedicated to ushering in a new era of Hope for residents of the West-End of Rock Island.

It is the belief of Heart of Hope that the Lord will give us “Homes of Refuge” for those in need, and businesses that will rebuild and restore the West-End neighborhoods of Rock Island. These businesses will provide employment and training to those who may have been incarcerated, or have other reasons that have limited their employment, economic, and empowerment opportunities.

As Heart of Hope Ministries strives toward the fulfillment of the vision God has given, we correspondingly serve other organizations in our community. Bible studies are held for ladies at the Rock Island County Jail and, for the past three years, Heart of Hope has served meals at the Christian Care Men’s Rescue Mission located in downtown Rock Island. The Heart of Hope Ministry Team also prepares and serves the youth who frequent the Christian Friendliness Youth Hope Center in Rock Island. Through our service, we are building relationships that go beyond the meal serving with the gentlemen who reside at Christian Care and the teens who visit Christian Friendliness. Numerous and frequent other acts of kindness, service, financial assistance, devotion of time, and prayer have been given to those in need over the last four years.

Heart of Hope offers Bible study, prayer, and individual ministry opportunities to all. New ministry programs are being developed that will expand our outreach in the community. A building owned by a retired, highly-respected, and devoted Rock Island physician, was recently donated to the ministry. The building will allow for program expansions and serve as a Ministry Center.

Heart of Hope Ministries is excited about what God has next as the ministry continues to “Launch into the Deep” seeking Hope and Healing for the Hurting!