Campus District, Inc.

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About Us

The Campus District is a non-profit community development organization that serves the eastern edge of downtown Cleveland. Major anchor institutions and key partners include: Cleveland State University, Cuyahoga Community College, St. Vincent Charity Medical Center, Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) and an array of businesses and non-profit organizations. It also is home several homeless shelters and a high concentration of public housing . The Campus District is working to build community among the diverse populations of the neighborhood - artists, college students, people experiencing homelessness, incarcerated women, college students and business and property owners. CDI is also working on the physical redevelopment of the neighborhood including former police headquarters building, vacant warehouse buildings and the north-south corridor of East 22nd Street. The northern part of the District (north of Payne Avenue) includes the Superior Arts District which is home to over 300 residents, 100+ artists, 100+Cleveland State University students, 50+ businesses and two large homeless shelters. As part of the Superior Initiative, Campus District, Inc. is engaging a variety of stakeholders in designing and implementing community improvements to enhance the quality of life in the area for everyone and decrease conflicts between homeless individuals and other neighborhood stakeholders.

The ultimate goal of this work is to create positive and comprehensive community change that will allow homeless individuals and everyone else to co-exist in a safe and positive environment. The primary strategies of the Superior Initiative will utilize Community Network Building, an organizing approach developed by Frankie Blackburn and Bill Traynor. By creating opportunities for residents and organizational leaders to form genuine relationships of mutual trust and exchange, Community Network Building will allow Campus District to reach tactical goals while creating a more inclusive culture in the neighborhood.