Brockton Day Nursery

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About Us

Brockton Day Nursery (BDN) had its origin in the charitable work of the “1894 Club,” an organization of young women guided by Leila Delano Richmond and In 1908, former Governor William L. Douglas, appreciating and endorsing the work in which the organization had been engaged, presented the Brockton Day Nursery with a building and land on Everett Street and an endowment for the continuance of its mission.

The first City Baby Clinic was established at the Nursery in 1916, with a Milk Station in the basement. The first Kindergarten in Brockton was conducted at the Nursery. Practice-teachers from Bridgewater Normal School gave their services in 1917 and this was followed by a summer Kindergarten for children of all nationalities. The Americanization Classes also originated in the playground of the Brockton Day Nursery. In 1918 when the epidemic of influenza swept the city, the Nursery became a relief station where children in good health remained while their families were recovering.

BDN remained on Everett Street until October 1968, when the building was included in the Urban Renewal Area, and demolished. BDN was then housed in three rooms at the local YMCA until 1972, when the program was moved to a new building on Bolton Place through the generosity of many benefactors, including long-time devotee May Quinby Clough.

Due to increased child care needs in the community, the BDN Board of Directors began the process of relocation and expansion. A beautiful new building opened on May 8, 1978 at the 243 Crescent Street site. In 1982, an addition was built to expand programs to infants and toddlers. In 1986, eight additional classrooms were leased at St. Colman’s School at 37 Erie Avenue to expand the toddler and preschool programs further. Cuts in state funding ’s center in 1991.

In March of 1991, Brockton Day Nursery became the first early childhood program in the greater Brockton area to become accredited by the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs.

In 1994, a School-Age program was added at the Crescent Street site, adding before and after school care to BDN programs.