Oxfordshire Association for Young People

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About Us

OAYP has a sixty-year track record of working successfully with young people across Oxfordshire, addressing issues of social inclusion, access to services and supporting young people to make the most of their lives.

OAYP aims to meet the needs of young people throughout the county, irrespective of geographic, social or economic status and to encourage them to realise their potential as individuals and as part of the community. Currently the organisation has over fifty youth clubs affiliated, with more than 2,500 young people accessing a range of services. Changes in the external environment, and the Big Society expectation that more volunteers will take on service delivery for young people locally means that providing these services is more vital than ever.

In addition to the club support programme, OAYP has a range of focused activities including the Peer Education programme which aims to support young people to share information on alcohol, drugs and sexual health, and an Angling project which works with vulnerable young people to engage in positive activity. OAYP’s services are organised around three themes, which have been prioritised by young people and by those in the community working to support them:

Information and Education:engaging and empowering young people through the provision of relevant information, and providing training opportunities for young people and those working with them.

Participation:engaging young people through the opportunity to get involved with a variety of activities, aiming to encourage personal and social development.

Providing support:supporting young people and those working with them through developing a network of affiliated clubs, services and other opportunities.