Católicas por el Derecho a Decidir

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Mexico City


About Us

Catholics for the Right to Decide is a non profit organization, formed by Catholics, who defend women's and young people's human rights, especially their sexual and reproductive rights, including access to safe and legal abortion, from an ethical, Catholic, and feminist perspective, within the framework of the lay State.

CDD works to shape and advance sexual ethics that reflect a commitment to women's well being and affirm the moral capacity of women and men to make responsible decisions about their lives. Guided by the belief that sexual and reproductive rights are compatible with the Catholic faith, CDD promotes respect for the diversity of beliefs within Catholicism. CDD provides Catholic pro-choice education and shares information on sexual and reproductive health and rights within a human rights and social justice framework, helping diverse groups understand the full range of Catholic perspectives on these issues and contributing to a more sophisticated and pluralistic public discourse. CDD accomplishes its mission through a combination of monitoring and surveillance of government actions; advocacy, technical assistance and training with elected and public officials at the federal and state level; alliance building; awareness raising; outreach and training with youth, progressive leaders from the Catholic and other Churches, the media, and women's and human rights organizations; and accompaniment of women seeking abortion, survivors of sexual violence, and family members of victims of feminicide.