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About Us

Hope Torch is a non-profit based out of Riverside, CA and Chennai, India. Feel free to visit our website at www.hopetorch.org. Our mission is to help children in orphanages discover their own self-worth.

We do not have our own orphanages; instead, we work with existing orphanages to fill in the gaps which exist between a child raised in an orphanage versus a child raised in a proper family unit. This is done through a variety of health, academic and relationship-building programs.

We believe that meaningful relationships with positive role models and peers are vital in helping children develop their own sense of self-worth. However, in a typical home setting, there is a lack of consistent, one-on-one attention provided. Even when a group like ours visits the home, we do not have the resources available to sit with each child individually. By having volunteers who can work remotely, children can receive the individualized attention they so desperately need for their growth, and they can develop impactful relationships with their tutor. Not only will volunteering aid them in their studies and motivate the children to work harder, but they will also realize that there are people out there who do care for them as individuals and value their thoughts and opinions.